J and A Produce
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Our great lettuce we grow !!



A Napa cabbage plant in the green house !


Sweet corn pick and shucked for freezing ! A family event we all get together and help .

Cutting the corn off the cob for  freezer bags.

Hunting for  The wild Hen of the wood's Mushroom ! LillyAnn, Jason and Leah in hand.

LillyAnn Holding a Hen Of The woods Mushroom !

Jason found a nice small one !

Heart Potato I found !!




Jason power washing the corn planter for paint !

   After paint  Looks amazing good for another 50 years ! 

Our Next layers in August !

2012 chick hatching

My favorite photo of one of  my chicks !!!

2013 Season 


Our pigs we raised and butchered  ! 








Fresh dug potatoes !  



Our potato digger ! 


My seat on the digger, sitting on it helps keep the digger in the ground ! 


Batch of chicks I hatched ! 




First Spring box share - Asparagus, spinach, radishes, 2 kinds of baby leaf lettuce and rhubarb. 




Swish chard on the fare right that we over wintered in the hoop house, potatoes we planted in the next then peas coming up ! 



Leah my little tomato helper ! Tomatoes boxed up in bushels for customers who wish to make canned source.  2013 


Fall box for a full share. Last of the tomatoes, cabbage and bell peppers, starting in on the winter squash and bushel sprouts. 2013 


 Leah our middle showing off some onions. 2013 



 First year for Celery !  2014 




Full Share table ready for pick up  2014 ! 




Adding composted silage to the hoop-house. This adds pot ash and organic matter to our soil. 2013 




One of our head lettuces ! It hardly fits in a box. 2013











My niece Trinity and My daughter Leah needed a snack after a long morning.  2014