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CSA Membership Is Now Open

Photo taken by : Dina Aasen Photography & Studio in Whitehall, WI  


Jason has been gardening with his dad since he was a boy and as an adult he has grown to love it even more. He loves to live off the land. Jason grew up in the big city of Aurora, IL. But his dad was raised in Black River Falls, WI just across theroad from our farm. Jason's Grandpa bought the land in the 50's and grew strawberries and green beans. Jason's dad then handed it down to use. So farming runs deep into his history. Jason's would come up from Illinois with his dad to hunt, fish and visit family who wear still farming at the time and Jason's favorite thing would be to help his Uncle make hay, drive tractor and milk cows. Jason has wanted to be a farmer all his life. 

 Ashley: I was raised in Fallon Nevada, where my dads side of the family has been growing and selling produce since 1964. I remember for a snack breaking open a watermelon and eating right out of the field. I was always around farming. My dad is an alfalfa farmer and sells hay to the large dairies.
     My mom owned and operated a garden shop and nursery till I was 12 years old and then we moved to Wisconsin. Helping unload trucks full of bedding plants, trees, fountains and helping customers at the cash register or pick out the perfict watermelon is just a few things we did growing up. We would help people to their cars with what ever they bought and they would give us a quarter or a stick of gum.  
     We moved to Wisconsin in 1996 and I always get asked why my mom and step dad moved here.Well trees, grass and rain are some really good reasons .Its an amazing place for things to grow and you don’t have to water 3 times a day. My mom has always had a very large garden. I remember having to pick a bucket of beans after I just got all dressed up to go out with some girl friends. 

     Jason and I have been married for 10 years and together for 14, we have 3 wonderful children LillyAnn is 10, Leah is 7 and Landon will be 4 in April . We have a 20 acre farm, which was passed down through Jason’s Dad John Seekamp, and we are the third generation to farm the land. 13 1/2 acres of the farm is rotated in and out of vegetables.On the rest of our land we grow small grains for cover crops like buckwheat, rye, oats and a clover timothy mixed hay.Cover crops are used for nursing other crops and they add nutrients to our soil. .We also use oats and rye to feed our chickens in the winter time !


We started our CSA in 2011, just after I became a stay at home mom after our second child.  I knew it was something I wanted to share with local families. We had talked about it and did a lot of reading prior to starting our vegetable farm. Our first years I learned so much with what was expected out of use as well as our members. We have been growing steadily and with each passing year gain new members. This is what I wanted to do, through our csa we are able to bring our fresh produce to the tables of families in our community. We provide a service that is not just learned over night, this service has been instilled in both of use all our lives. We are very honored and blessed to be able to provide and grow fresh veggies to so many families.  

Our produce is naturally grown so that means chemical free. We have been organically grown since 2008.
     We built a house on our land in 2009 and we sell our produce from a stand,  farmers markets and our CSA Program. 

In 2012 we built a high tunnel which always us to start growing veggies earlier. 



Our girls with our meat birds we get evey year !    



2016 was our first year picking our SPRAY FREE strawberries!

CSA members get a quart of Strawberries every week, during the season, with weather being perfict!

We also sell them at farmers markets, U-pick and pre-order!