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CSA Membership Is Now Open

02-12-2016 9:46:53 AM CST

We are busy planning for our 2016 season. Its coming up fast and it seems to do that every year. 
February is heat month so I have been posting on Facebook about all the great benefits of veggies for your hart. 
We added a new pickup location in the Eau Claire are so be sure to check that out. 
Have a great day. 


01-07-2016 10:31:18 AM CST

Good morning,
I was able to make it to the 2nd bi-annual Mid West CSA conferences early December 2015. Its not as big as the Organic Madison one and I love that it's only an hour away.200+ farmers sitting side by side, the room filled with farmers who share the same views is so inspiring and uplifting. Being an hour away helps with gas,time and child care. It gets you pumped for the next season. I really don't think I'v had much down time thankfully.I get cabin fever in the winter so that brings me to my next life changing moment of 2015. April 2016 I will be approaching my 1st full year as a Wildtree Rep. It helps bring in winter income but has shaped me in business. I have learned about what I could do differently or better. I have always been around people and talking comes pretty easy, but more to it than that. I enjoy growing vegetables and connecting them with an organic product like Wildtree's seasoning, marinades and spices transforms them into a meal. Makes what I do into full circle. One of the questions and our discussions at the CSA conferences was "Where is the disconnect between grower and public ?". I think I found it. Food preparation ! But you need the knowledge and tools. They all need to fall into place. Just like planting seeds, watering, weeding and picking vegetables. The very things that make us who we are right?

Jason and I have been thinking about our 2016 season. Hard to imagine that we are going into our 9th year of growing and selling produce personally and our 6th season as a CSA farm.We added strawberries a few years ago and look forward to seeing how well they do. Jason's Grandpa grew strawberries on this land in the late 50's. Bringing them back feels amazing and I hope he is proud. Yum fresh strawberry short cake and strawberry jelly, just some of our family favorites. But lets not forget the best part of picking is the sampling.

Ashley Seekamp 


09-24-2015 8:13:36 AM CST

 Good morning ! 
I'm off to the bakery this morning ! I will be making raspberry and blueberry crumble cakes for Molly's in Black River Falls WI. 
Our 16th week csa boxes looked amazing last night. I love this time of the year because they are so colorful. Red cabbage, bright green lettuce, yellow zucchini and red tomatoes always set it off ! I't so hard to be leave that is 4 shot weeks we will have reached our 20th week of fresh csa boxes. But that will not be the end for us. We will have more farmers markets coming up. 
Have a great day ! 


09-19-2015 6:31:13 AM CST

Good morning !

It's going to be a beautiful almost fall day ! I'm heading to the Black River Falls Downtown market this morning with a trailer load of watermelons,pumpkins, decorative gourds and pumpkins, 3 kinds of winter squash and so much more. Its also a special day today because its my birthday but what makes it extra special, I share it with my mom Arlena. Being her 21st birthday present and best present ever we celebrated last night at the Farmers Garden Market in Whitehall with some grilled veggies, fresh salsa, cupcakes made by yours truly and lots of great vendors and customers.

Just because it's starting to slow down in the veggie season doesn't mean I'm slow. I have been picking tomatoes like crazy,  town board meetings, workshops and also my bakery. Life is still crazy with 2 kids in school and 37 csa members. We just ended out 15th week of csa and our 16th week is fast approaching. Wish me luck today and  I hope you all have a great day !





09-05-2015 6:50:01 AM CST

it's hard to think about it already being September ? School has started and we have also starting lossing daylight !
What happened to August ? 
It feels like just yesterday we planted all of our summer veggie plants and now we are starting to plant our second and third batches for fall. I know its not all over yet, we still have 6 weeks of csa pick ups !
 I'm already thinking about next season. What new things I would like to plant, new ways of doing things and also goals for our business. 
But first lets get though tomato season. I'm happy to report that we have been picking tomatoes and selling them by the peace and also by the bushel. Last year we didn't get to. I even had to go buy tomatoes from a fellow farmer. First time in all of my life I bought tomatoes to can with. Even when I was a kid we never bought tomatoes unless out of season. 
I have already starting making tomatoes sauce. I know what your thinking ! " How do you fined the time? " Well I have to make the time. I made 9 quarts and 1 pint of tomatoes sauce. I will use it in chili, spaghetti, cabbage rolls, lasagna and so much more. Adding our son to the family last year has increased the need of sauce. 
I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend ! 


08-17-2015 8:07:22 AM CST


 We are already in our 11th week of csa. We are almost half way through and its been an amazing time. 
We have starting picking our first batch of sweet corn and its so good.We have cucumbers coming out of our ears like in some years past. Soon we will be picking watermelons, cantaloupe and tomatoes. Yes we are still waiting for tomatoes. They just love to take there time especially since everyone wants them. We have 900+ plants and hoping this year will be a great harvest. Last year was devastating with all of the rain we got over the Labor Day weekend. Hoping this week we take just little bits at a time with all the expected rain, even though we could us some. This weeks plans are to get more of the fall crops in the ground like
lettuce, beets, green beans, radishes and swiss chard. 
Soon my summer kids/workers will be leaving me. I have had great luck with some amazing teenagers. I can't wait to have them back next season.
Lets jump back to August 1st weekend was the Jackson county Fair. This year I revived 1st place for our garden box, zucchini bread for the second year in a row and 2nd place chocolate chip cookies.

Yes I do bake.

I have been baking since I can remember or even reach the counter. Mostly self taught since my mom like to bake but not that much. Baking is a passion of mine and farming is in my blood, that is how I look at it. As of July 7th I received my licencing for my certified kitchen. I baked at Molly's in town for 6 months and loved it. But needed more room to grow. 
Next year I hope to offer a bread share and be able to offer more baked goods at the farm and markets.
Talk to you soon,


07-28-2015 7:00:39 AM CST

It's been a good month since I did my blogging. This is hard to do every day so maybe if I do it once a month we can call it good. 
What's new with us ? Well we had our ribbon cutting on July 9th to celebrate our 5th year of csa and that was a great success. I enjoyed seeing family, friends, old csa members, new csa members and also community members who support our little farm. We sure have come a long way since officially becoming a business in 2011, by joining the chamber, adding a website and the start of our csa. Since 2008 drastically. Something that started out as a weekend hobby for Jason and I has created a movement in our small town community. The thought of community envelopment, friendships and education is what brings us joy in being produce farmers. I have changed so much as a women, mother, wife and also produce farmer. Each and everyday brings me happiness growing and selling produce for our community though our csa or farmers markets.
We Thank You for your support ! 
Ashley & Jason Seekamp 



06-29-2015 8:42:03 AM CST


We have been busy with picking veggies for our csa members. This week will be our 4th week of the 2015 season. We are still in planting mode and will be till August. If we go past that date the chances of the plants making it thorough a frost are slim.
Asparagus is coming to an end and our sugar snap peas are just beginning. Its an amazing circular beginning of how the seasons of vegetable come and go. 
Have a great day ! 


06-12-2015 6:54:37 AM CST

We have been so busy that I have not gotten the chance to right a blog post. 
Since my last post we have planted more asparagus, strawberries and all of our summer crops. 
Our 2015 Spring share members all enjoyed the veggies. This year we started a week early. May 6th was our first box pick up filled with greens, asparagus, radishes and rhubarb. I tried growing snow peas in the high tunnel last year and got the same out come this year, planting snow peas in the high tunnel is not a good idea. They just don't germinate and grow right. Must be a cold thing, so next year I will be strictly planting outside and try not to think, hey I could get snow peas in April. 
Summer CSA shares started this week June 8th & 10th. First Eau Claire drop off was a success something we have been trying to get off the ground for 2 years and with networking and hard work we did. Our farm pick up number has increased and life is good. 



04-19-2015 6:39:08 AM CST

We planted potatoes and some of our onions yesterday. It was great to have some help from Mary a young lady who helped me last year and my sister Demi-jo and my nephew Trent. We are moving along nicely with our out side spring veggies. 

Last Friday I planted more snow peas planted out in out upper garden. I ended up with 3 rows of sugar snap peas. The peas in the high tunnel are starting to come up and that is making me exited for fresh snow peas. I have having them in our salads, stir-fry or just raw as a snack. 
Spring shares will be starting soon on May 11th. Wow I can't wait and it sure is flying by. Soon it will be July before we know it.
We have 24 chicks and they are all getting there feathers in. I would like to put them in a chicken tractor so that is something on our list. 
Have a great day ! 


03-15-2015 8:22:08 AM CST

I'm so exited we are starting to get people who are signing up ! Be sure to get your contact filled out and sent in with your payment before we run out of shares. I also take credit cards over the phone or in person. 

In the week to come we will be seeding in our high tunnel carrots, beets, radishes, 3 kinds of lettuce, spinach, and  bunching onions just to name a few. They will be filling our spring csa shares and also our summer shares. Its starting to get real with this weather. I hope it stays nice. We do have trees taped for making maple syrup but so fare not much has been dripping. Fingers crossed for a good run ! 


03-03-2015 8:41:56 AM CST


Something that came up in a discussion was not having the time to cook good food. I hear a lot of

" I don't have time to do it so we just go grab something !!  

What do you think ?  


02-26-2015 8:50:34 AM CST

J and A produce CSA is pleased to join other farms from around the country for National CSA Sign-Up Day on February 28. The day encourages food consumers to buy a share of their local farm’s harvest for the 2015 season, a buying model known as Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

CSA has become an important model to support local agriculture since it was introduced to the United States in the 1980s and since grown to over 6,000 farms across the country. To join a CSA, members buy a share of the harvest in the Winter and Spring and then get a box of local produce each week throughout the growing season.

“CSAs are the most authentic connection between a farmer and eater available. CSA members get the freshest, high quality, seasonal local produce, but they also get a direct connection to their farmer. This model is economically important to farmers, especially small and beginning farmers, because they can grow with confidence knowing that they have a market for their produce ahead of time.”, says Simon Huntley from Small Farm Central, a technology company that works with CSA farms across the country, and the creator of National CSA Sign-up Day.

February 28th was chosen as National CSA Sign-up Day because this day is the most popular day to sign up for CSA shares according to the 2014 CSA Farming Report. Buying a CSA share in late winter is important because farmers are making the capital investments for this year’s harvest now and the CSA model means they do not need to finance these costs with costly credit.

 Please join us in our 2015 CSA season by signing up for a membership. I will be giving anyone who signs up on this day a 5.00 off your share price. Call or email me with any questions. 

Have a great day ! 


02-24-2015 12:18:29 PM CST

Oh boy what I'm I doing ?? I'm trying to blog !! 


02-24-2015 12:09:16 PM CST

February 28th is National CSA Sign Up Day!!

What is CSA?

Well csa was created for farms to market to customers in a more personal way.

The money is paid upfront before the growing season begins. This helps us farmers pay for our seed, gas and living expenses.  Now the farm and the customer are on the same level. As a farmer we deal with risk everyday. The risk of pests, the risk of no rain and the risk of too much rain ya that dose happen.

Our members receive veggies that I pick, wash and bundle or bag and pick up farm every week.

I enjoy going with the csa marketing because of the personal experience it gives me with my members. I get to see them every Wednesday for 20 weeks. We share recipes, knowledge and life experiences during this time.

CSA is not all about the veggies, I mean ya it’s a big part but the deeper you go the more it because clear that your helping  farm land stay farm land, your helping a family do what they love and most of all growing a stronger community.     

C is for community is the csa, S is for Support in the csa and A is for Agriculture is the csa.