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Kids Farm Day 2016


Kids farm day 2015  

Kids Farm Day 2012

We had 130 kids and also 12 FFA High School kids help me with stations they wear an amazing help and the FFA Teacher who just happens to be the Teacher of the year  has done a great job with them , from leadership and how to interact with small kids and also to have fun . It brought tears to my eyes as soon as I got the phone call from Amanda the teacher I was working with to set this up. I’m so happy she made one of my dreams come to life !!
    What an amazing day we had so much fun having the Black River Falls Forrest Street Kindergarteners, Teachers and Parents out to our Produce farm ! It has been a dream of mine to share the growing and learning of produce with kids so they will grow up and hope to keep the love for growing vegetables alive and well in the generations to come.
    It all starts from a seed, my girls love their vegetables the reason for that is because they are always right by our side  planting, harvesting and watching me cook them. Gardening is a fun thing and so is eating vegetables so I hope that’s  what the kids took from it and also a lot of information’s about how they grow, what they are used for.

We had 8 stations

Station 1 Planting pumpkin seeds


learning about pumpkins from the FFA Girls !!

Station 2
Planting cabbage plants

Station 3
Learning about our bees and how important they are for all the vegetables and our life !!
My husband Jason was the station operator on this one he did a great job and he love all the little questions they had !

Station 4
Face painting we had to through some fun things in with this my sister Demi-jo loves kids and she was so very happy to help paint, strawberries, tractors, worms, butterflies, flowers, and watermelons !!
We had a little girl who loved her pink worm and a little boy who’s mom could not wash his tractor off his face and talked about his day all night long love it !!

Station 5
Asparagus and Rhubarb
The kids got to see how the asparagus comes up and also the rhubarb, the station worker let the kids know that it’s the fist veggie’s to come in the spring !

Looking at the rhubarb and how it grows !!



 Station 6
Planting Sunflower seeds
The kids got to plant right in a row and can wait to come back to the farm and see how big they are getting !!


Station 7
Learning about the chickens
Each kids got to go into our chicken coop and get some eggs out they also got to pet them and even feel their feet !!

 to pet one of our chicks they just loved this !!




Station 8
Coloring your favorite vegetables and surprising we ran out of pumpkin pages ! They wear able to choose from asparagus, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins and a tomato !!

Thank you's from the kids !!!


Kids Farm Day 2013

It was great to have the kids on the farm again. As well as the FFA High school kids helped with stations . We wear able to have some freshmen and also  veterans from last year. Nice for all of use to grow and lean together!
This year the classes increased to 150 kids. LillyAnn my oldest was able to attend as well , very exiting for her to share with her friend what her everyday life is like.
 We did 8 station, 1. planting sunflower seeds. 2. Learning about the chickens and pigs.3. coloring and putting on a paper plat your favorite veggie. 4. planting broccoli plants. 5. Face painting 6. Learning about asparagus and rhubarb. 7. Tour of the hoop-house and how it benefits our farm. 8. Planting cabbage plants.

Then at the end they all sate on my lawn and ate lunch. We are so very blessed to share this life with children and I hope they took at least
one thing with them as they grow.
I can't wait for next year 2014.


Passing our sunflower seeds to plant !



Face painting !


Getting information about rhubarb and asparagus !


Looking at how rhubarb comes out of the ground !


Planting broccoli plants! I found one after they left that had a  feather
stuck by it, so cute how they take pride in planting!


Collecting the eggs out of the chicken coop !



Jason explaining the benefits of the hoop-house,what we have planted in it, and why.