J and A Produce
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Grilled or oven rousted Anaheim peppers


  1. As many peppers as you like !
  2. Gas grill,Weber grill or oven
  3. your favorite kind of cheese

Don't cute the stems off they are a  nice little handle ! Put your peppers on the grill or cookie sheet  and put oven on broil , grill or broil  till both sides are starting to bubble or brown, take them off or out and cut them up on one side and lay  flat and clean out all the seeds with a spoon so they are not as spicy . Fill with cheese and put back on grill , Till cheese is melted ! Enjoy

I make my own tomato sauce ! I can it and use it in so many meals in my house like for : Cabbage rolls, spaghetti, jumbo, chili, tomato soup, BBQ on a bun , BBQ  sauce with ribs, pork stake , chicken.  I caned 100 quarts this year !





Stuffed swiss chard leaves ! I used my recipe from my stuffed cabbage rolls and it was amazing ! 


Cabbage I covered in olive oil, salt and pepper. Rolled up in tin foil and put on the grill for about 40 mints, tender and great flavor. 



Pickled asparagus I did this year that we have been eating as snakes with a sandwich as well as great with a bloody mary. 


Cucumber salad made with simple dressing of sugar, vinegar and Olive oil. I decided to add beets to it and it added some earthy flavor to it !