J and A Produce
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Just before the ground freezes in October  we plant our garlic, . The end of July is harvest depending on the year if it was a wet year than it will be earlier.  



Jason harvesting oats.

We save the seed every year in a grain trailer and then use it to feed our chickens through the winter. We plant them  in the spring and fall for cover crops, and nursing crops. Jason bails the straw for uses around the farm like:  chickens bedding, covering rows in the garden and also we sell some.

Jason digging potatoes and LillyAnn helping !


 LillyAnn sleeping on the planter !

Planting pin trees !

Jason cultivating the tomatoes


Jason cutting clover with the sickle mower !  It was so thick we had to ask a friend/farmer up the road to come cute it ! Rudabeck said it was the thickest he has ever seen clover !! 2012



Jason cultivating sweet corn with his Grandpa's tractor he bought new in 1950's.    2013